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Kersel presented to Skill Hire with many barriers and was looking for a fresh start.

Leaving the past behind

Kersel wanted a fresh start in life, so he moved to Pipalyatjara. Skill Hire worked with Kersel and set up a schedule for him to attend Community Development Programme (CDP) activities on a regular basis. To Kersel’s credit, he attended his activities every day, even when he wasn’t feeling well. Kersel soon found comradery with his fellow participants and somewhere to belong to start feeling good again.

Our activity supervisor helped with important ground work

Kersel expressed to our activity supervisor Graham that he wanted to get his life back on track and get a job. Graham worked closely with Kersel and assisted with his ID, bank account and learners licence as well as providing training and hands on experience in power tools, measuring, working from a plan, safe work procedures, fabrication and driving lessons. Graham also enrolled Kersel into TafeSA for education and computer skills as well as providing mentoring, personal development, wellbeing and life skills.

A clearer direction emerges

Kersel is receiving help and support in every area to build dog kennels with the view of starting his own dog kennel business. Now Kersel has a clear direction and has turned his life around for the better. He feels all he ever needed was a little help, drive and someone to believe in him and our staff did that for Kersel.

Constantly learning new skills from our supervisor

In Kersel’s words “Before I came to Skill Hire I had no job and nowhere to go. I made a lot of mates at work. Because I have no family here going to work made me feel like I had family here. Graham is always teaching me new stuff that I never knew before and I’m getting better every day. When I was sad Graham would spend time with me and talk to me in a good way and make me feel better and make me see that I can do better things in my life.”

Pathway coach could help solve problems the right way

Shanice (our pathway coach) has been working with Kersel, working through barriers and helping to sort out problems when they occur.  Kersel appreciates that the Skill Hire staff spend time with him and provide advice about the right way to work through issues.

Activity supervisor kept promises others never did

Kersel said “Because I worked so hard Graham said that he would help me start my own business. No one ever kept their promise to me before but Skill Hire has given me everything they’ve promised. I feel proud and strong again. I feel good and my wife feels proud and happy too. Graham is going to teach me how to do 3D designs on the computer so I can design different kennels to build and how to make parts with numbers so we can make lots of parts at the same time and build faster.”

“We have already started another dog house which is nearly finished” said Kersel.


Skill Hire really helped me to see that I can accomplish something if I set my mind to it and I completed my course 2 months prior to the completion date. Cheers guys!


Skill Hire are helpful and professional. Nicola was attentive to all my needs. Their timesheets systems were a breeze and always update us with messages. Thanks Skill Hire


I just wanted to thank Skill Hire's EST Trainers. Nathan is the absolute best trainer I’ve ever had privilege to meet by a WIDE margin and I appreciate everything done for all of us. I’m ecstatic about the internship opportunity.


Not only did Skill Hire respond quickly to our urgent need, your team took the time to understand our organization and our needs. The people sent to help out were outstanding and their ability to rapidly adapt to our workplace eased our burden during what was a very challenging few months.


My son has thoroughly enjoyed the Construction Pathways course. He spent the last 18 months being home schooled and not socializing with anyone so to see him eager to get up and leave the house every day still blows my mind. Simon, thank you for your understanding and taking extra care with my son.


I wanted to say a big thank you to Skill Hire and the team, especially Wayne for such an amazing experience for our students. All of our students were thoroughly engaged with the course and learned many valuable skills.