What Is Your Learning Style?

What Is Your Learning Style?

Simply put, a learning style is the way you learn best. Your natural learning preference or style dictates how your brain works most efficiently to process, comprehend and learn new information as well as how easily or quickly you learn. There are many benefits to knowing your learning style. Based on Psychologist Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, there are 8 different learning styles which we will discuss in detail to help you discover which works best for you:


Visual learners learn best when they have an image or cue to help them process information. They may also need to map out or jot down their thoughts to really process information. Here are some common characteristics of visual learners:

  • Have good spatial sense and sense of direction
  • Can easily visualize objects, plans and outcomes
  • Enjoy coloring, drawing and doodling
  • Have good color balance

Visual learners are imaginative, think outside the box and process what they see quicker than what they hear.


Verbal learners are very good at processing information through the use of language. They excel at reading, writing, listening and speaking and typically go on to do public speaking, writing, journalism and debating roles. For example, reading definitions of a word aloud is a good way for verbal learners to process information. Generally speaking, verbal learners:

  • Express themselves in both written and spoken words
  • Enjoy reading and writing
  • Like tongue twisters and rhymes
  • Has a large vocabulary and enjoys learning new words


Aural learning is a unique type of learning style where the learner thinks in sounds. For example, most musicians are aural learners. Unlike visual learners, aural learners have a strong memory for conversations and enjoy debates and discussions. They have strong language skills and perform well on oral exams. Here are some common characteristics of aural learners:

  • Music evokes strong emotions in them
  • Enjoys listening to music in the background while learning
  • Have a good sense of pitch and rhythm


If you are the type of person who enjoys a hands-on approach to learning, you are a physical learner. These types of learners are extremely animated and always need to be moving. They learn best by going through the motions of what they are learning. Some characteristics of physical learners are:

  • Notice and appreciate the physical world around them (i.e. textures)
  • Enjoys sports and exercise along with outdoor activities and working with their hands
  • Tend to use and pick up on body language
  • Enjoy making models and doing jigsaw puzzle


Logical learners are skilled at mathematical and logical reasoning. They are able to solve problems involving numbers and can easily decipher abstract visual information. They are also adept at analyzing cause and effect relationships and tend to think linearly. Logical learners also like to classify and group information, create ordered lists, agenda and itineraries. Generally speaking, logical learners:

  • Classify and group information together to better understand it
  • Perform complex calculations
  • Create procedures for future use, after coming up with a solution to a problem
  • Plan agendas and itineraries and even rank and number them


As the name suggests, social learners are natural group workers and learn best through interactions with other people. These learners enjoy working through topics in a group setting and bouncing ideas off other people. Here are some common characteristics of social learners:

  • They prefer to socialize after work or class
  • Enjoy playing group sports
  • Bounce ideas off of others and work through issues in a group
  • They are good listeners
  • Are often trusted by others for their advice


Growing up, you would have certainly come across solitary learners. These are individuals who simply prefer to learn on their own and keep to themselves. Solitary learners are very independent, so they guide themselves on their journey to learning something new each day. Don’t mistake these learners to be socially introverted people because that’s not always the case. Here are some common characteristics of solitary learners:

  • Spend time on self-analysis
  • Prefer to relax and travel away from crowds
  • Think independently
  • Journal, write and record personal thoughts and events as a way to improve


You may not have heard about naturalistic learners before. These types of learners process information best when it is related to finding patterns in nature and applying scientific reasoning to the understanding of living creatures.  Naturalistic leaners enjoy being outdoors and connecting with nature. They are often found observing and appreciating plants and animals in natural settings.

Not all students learn the same way. You may not follow one particular learning style rather, a combination of learning styles. Regardless, it is very important to identify what works best for you so that you will continue to be a lifelong learner. With a number of Business and Management training courses available at Skill Hire, you can continue your quest for knowledge and increase your career prospects. Furthermore, we offer blended learning whereby we offer both face-to-face and online training to suit your learning style.


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